Health & Social Care Training

Our training is All About You. We see every organisation and workplace as unique.

As specialist trainers in mental health and addiction, we will collaborate with you to devise an interactive training solution that will meet the individual needs of your team. As we are subject experts, we can deliver team training that is practical, evidence based and skill enhancing.

Our workshops can be delivered in-person or remotely by our trainers. All of the training is interactive, with live discussions, question & answer sessions and skills practice.

Note for remote delivery: Attendees will be encouraged to have their cameras on during the training as this helps generate engagement and interaction with their trainer and other participants. If special circumstances mean that a participant may have to switch off their camera occasionally their camera please let us know in advance. It is not permitted to record a workshop.

Explore below the different workshops and examples of our most popular topics.


“The training was exceptional. The content was excellent and so well delivered.  You all provide such a remarkable service, in a professional and yet “laid back” style, it’s such a pleasure being a participant knowing I will have a great learning outcome each time, thanking you very much!”

Mary Anne Walsh,  C.Psychol., P.s.S.I, Irish Cancer Society

March 2023


"Nothing to improve on, just keep delivering great training". 

Frank Fitzpatrick, Turas Counselling Services, November 2021