Group Work and Facilitation Skills

Training programme for key personnel to enable them to become skilful group facilitators: enabling facilitators to help groups to identify and solve problems and make decisions. The programme can be delivered to groups or organisations.

Programme Duration

Two days.

Programme Aims

The aim of this training is to provide training in the skills, theory and practice of facilitation.

Programme Certification

Certificate of Completion in “Group Work and Facilitation Skills” from The Learning Curve Institute.

Training Objectives

  1. To provide space and time to discuss the principles and nature of facilitation.
  2. To build on and expand existing knowledge and confidence in the group in relation to Facilitation Skills.
  3. To increase the knowledge and skills of the participants in relation to their ability to deliver training.
  4. To build confidence in workers in effectively and professionally delivering training to groups.
  5. To provide information and allow some practical examples on ways of facilitating groups i.e. how to deal with “tricky customers” etc.


The methodology used in this training will be a combination of the following:

  1. Participative: The participants will be asked to contribute to the training both in a large group and also in smaller ones. There will be a number of structured exercises throughout the training that are designed for the group to be split up into smaller ones and be guided by the facilitators on an individual basis.
  2. Experiential: The training will allow participants to contribute with examples of groups that they have worked or are working with.
  3. Theory into practice: The training will allow role-plays that will encourage participants to put theory into practice and also observe and discuss scenarios.
  4. Information giving:There will be information on further learning and reading that will be distributed/emailed on the training day.
  5. Worker led: The training will be flexible to the needs of the group.

Connect with Your Trainer

The Learning Curve Institute offers a unique post course support system whereby participants are provided with the contact details of the trainer and are free to contact him/her with any questions they may have. 

Tailoring the training content

As all of our training is bespoke, we will consult you prior to delivery. A review of current practice within your organisation is offered and we aim to build a programme which meets any identified needs

Programme Certification

Participants will each receive an eCertificate of Completion in "Group Work and Facilitation" from The Learning Curve Institute.