Hidden Shame Workshop

Shame is often overlooked in the therapeutic process both within clients and therapists alike, and is frequently present in most presentations from trauma, complex abuse, addictions, compulsions, mood disorders and sexual behaviour.

Suitable for: Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Nurse Practitioners, Youth Workers, Social Care Workers

Members of The Psychological Society of Ireland and The Addiction Counsellors of Ireland can receive learning credits/CPD points for completing this workshop.


“I really enjoyed Kevin's workshop on Hidden Shame and particularly how shame is unique and is different from other emotions. The learning from this workshop I believe will benefit my practice in terms of what to avoid when dealing with hidden shame and what works best. Kevin's depth of knowledge, passion and humour always makes his workshops a great experience.”  

Frank Fitzpatrick, Turas Counselling Services

June 2024


“Trainer was excellent, easy to listen to, very knowledgeable but not in an overpowering way, loved his examples and clear passion for the topic at hand .. course length was perfect. I certainly felt like I came away with a much deeper understanding of shame and how multi-faceted it is .. I will definitely bring this training into my work and feel more confident in doing so.”

Casey McCusker Tuite, Addiction Counsellor, Mountjoy Prison (Female)

February 2022


"I found the workshop hugely informative and was immersed from beginning to end.  It was fascinating how the impact of being shamed, especially during childhood developmental stages can impact so hugely on "the self". I learnt so much about the difference between shame and guilt and feel that I can now work from a far more informed place when working with clients presenting with hidden shame. The role of validation in working with such clients and the emphasis placed on the do's and don'ts and the rationale for same will be hugely beneficial to me and my clients moving forwards. Overall, hugely informative, enjoyable and beneficial."
Gary Cunniam, St. Dominic's Community Response Project
January 2021

Programme Duration

One day.

Programme Aims

To give the learner a more in-depth understanding and overview of Shame and how to determine its effects.

Programme Content

The workshop will use both an analyticial and skills based guide to help therapist from all orientations to identify what elicits, evokes and triggers shame and how a shame focused intervention is formulated and structured. 

Learning Outcomes

To equip the learner with the tools to enable them to develop, build and expand their existing knowledge in relation to Shame.

Connect with Your Trainer

The Learning Curve Institute offers a unique post course support system whereby participants are provided with the contact details of the trainer and are free to contact him/her with any questions they may have. 

Programme Certification

Participants will each receive an eCertificate of Completion in "Hidden Shame" from The Learning Curve Institute.