Transgender Awareness Workshop

The aim of this interactive workshop is to enable participants to gain a practical understanding of best practices for working with trans people and their families. The main objective is to enable participants to understand the basic transgender and non-binary terminology and to feel more comfortable when working with trans people and their families.

The training is suitable for managers and people leaders in corporate settings, universities, equality, diversity & inclusion teams, health professionals. 


“The training was excellently presented by Vanessa. Her knowledge and delivery in such a sensitive subject was superb. I would be very interested in doing further training in this area.”

Aine Hall, Assistant Director of Nursing, Health Service Executive

May 2023 


“Vanessa has a very informative style of presenting. Grateful that Vanessa shared some of her personal story - it helped give me a deeper level of understanding.” 

Dr. Mollie-Kate Richardson, Counselling Psychologist, Centric Mental Health

May 2023


“I really enjoyed the training with Vanessa.  She has a wealth of knowledge about the subject and a lovely relaxed approach.  It was really helpful that she shared her own personal experiences which gave me an insight into the obstacles people are facing and how it may impact their mental health.”

Linda Murphy, RGN, Health Service Executive Addiction Services,

May 2023

Learning outcomes: 

At the end of this workshop participants should:

  • Understand the various terminology and language that is important to transgender individuals. 
  • Understand trans and gender non-conforming people and the life challenges they face. 
  • Engage more effectively with trans and gender non-conforming people and their families
  • Understand the treatment pathway process for trans people and their families in Ireland and abroad.
  • Attain an understanding of some of the real-life challenges and co-existing issues experienced when working with trans people and gain practical skills to address them.
  • Gain an insight into misunderstandings about trans people, dispelling myths
  • Adapt practical skills for helping trans people and their loved ones to find the individual pathway that is right for them.


The methodology used in this training will be a combination of the following:

Directed learning

Group discussion and interaction

Practical skills learning

Suggestions for further learning and reading 

Connect with Your Trainer

The Learning Curve Institute will distribute a unique pre-course questionnaire to each participant in order to ensure the training meets the needs of everyone taking part and is tailored to the appropriate level, while also covering specific situations or scenarios as highlighted by the group.

The Learning Curve Institute offers a unique post course support system whereby participants are provided with the contact details of the trainer and are free to contact them with any questions they may have.

Programme Certification

All attendees will receive an eCertificate of Completion in ’Transgender Awareness’ from The Learning Curve Institute.