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What our Students Say:

Boundaries & Confidentiality

Sean is fantastic – very interesting, tells relevant stories of his past experiences and he gets the message across

Community Reinforcement Approach

The program content was very well thought out and the facilitators were very sure of what they were doing in the delivery of the course content

Drug awareness & Boundaries

Everything was so clear with the tutor and great information was delivered. Found the course highly interesting

Drug Awareness & Boundaries

The day was very informative and contributed to my understanding of drugs and will enhance my work with service users

Equality and Diversity

Lecturer brought a positive attitude to the group and made you want to engage more

Key Working and Case Management

Relaxed atmosphere and lecturers created a good rapport. Course very relevant and they brought in their own experience

Motivational Interviewing - Dublin 2015

Tutor was very professional, inspiring and responsive to the audience - Marie Oppeboen

Risk Management

The course linked the material in a way that highlighted specific risk management

Substance Awareness Training

Unlike any other drugs awareness course, the training facilitator was very grounded and had great communication skills

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