Social Studies

Useful Links

Sociological Association of Ireland -

New Media Journal in Sociology and Society -

Sociological Research Online -

TED Ideas Worth Spreading (talks by remarkable people) -

BBC Website: Learning -

Information for those interested in applied social studies -

The Irish National Adult Learning Organisation -

Business Balls: Free Online Learning Resources -

Dublin Libraries -

'' Women's Journeys to Homelessness. Key findings from a biographical study of homelessness of women in Ireland. Paula Maycock and Sarah Sheridan. Feb. 2012. Trinity College. Dublin. link

''The mediated crowd - new social media and new forms of rioting''. Stephanie Alice Baker. Published Nov 2011. link

'' Underlying the Riots - the invisible politics of class.'' Grahan Scambler and Annette Scambler. Published Nov 2011. link

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