Responsible Service of Alcohol

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Course Details

Duration : 3 hours

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“I really enjoyed the workshop. Unlike some courses I’ve done before, it was based on our experiences and our views. We got to chat about situations that could arise and how best we can deal with them,” Seamus Dunne, Annebrook House Hotel, Mullingar. 

The Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Workshop is aimed at people who currently work in the drinks industry who serve alcohol to customers in a variety of settings. The programme endeavours to increase awareness among participants of the basic laws and responsibilities required as servers of alcohol.

Essentially the course will cover the areas of:


  1. Irish licensing law
  2. Alcohol & the body
  3. Creating a house store policy
  4. People skills
  5. Creating a skilled server action plan
  6. Accessing resources in your area


Programme Duration

The Responsible Service of Alcohol training workshop is delivered over 3 hours. The course can be extended to a full day if this is required by the organisation.

Programme certification

Attendees will each receive a Certificate of Attendance for "Responsible Service of Alcohol" from The Learning Curve Institute. The certificate will list the course name, date, attendee's name and duration of the training.

Programme Aims

The aim of this workshop is to cover the basic laws and responsibilities required of staff serving alcohol. This may be in an on-license environment, when the alcohol is sold and consumed in the place it was bought, or an off-license when the alcohol is sold and the customer takes it away to drink elsewhere.

This workshop will of course be of relevance for others who come into contact with alcohol as part of their work in the hospitality or retail industries.

The Responsible Service of Alcohol training programme aims:


  • To enable participants to gain an understanding of Irish Licensing Law and to be made aware of their responsibilities and obligations with regard to the service of alcohol.
  • To understand the effect alcohol has on the body and brain. This information includes up to date knowledge based on scientific evidence with particular regard to units of alcohol and the effect on blood alcohol levels.
  • To teach the attendees to calculate the amount of alcohol units in a variety of alcoholic drinks.
  • To teach attendees about the rate at which the body processes alcohol and the effect various drinks and alcohol units can have on an individual’s blood alcohol content.
  • To inform attendees on the time it takes to process various levels of alcohol intake in terms of units and blood alcohol level
  • To teach the attendees how to compile a house/store policy on the service of alcohol and the importance of consistency in its implementation.
  • To teach the principles of best practice in customer service and the importance of good communication.
  • To demonstrate to the attendees the importance that the drinking environment has on behavior.
  • To inform the attendees about the protective factors that can reduce aggression and anti-social behavior in the drinking environment.
  • To show the attendees how to deal with challenging and aggressive behavior, and provide strategies and techniques in dealing with service refusal.
  • To teach the attendees how to create an individual skilled server action plan
  • To advise attendees on the accessing of recourses and supports in their own particular area, to encourage more responsible service of alcohol. 


Programme Content

Through the use of multi-media display the attendees will gain an understanding of how to calculate the units of alcohol in a range of alcoholic drinks and how the body is affected by it. They will be given the opportunity through an open forum to discuss some of the myths and facts on how alcohol affects the body. Through the use of role play and demonstration attendees will gain the confidence to deal with drinks refusal and conflict management. Students will receive handouts and relevant literature to enable them to develop their understanding of the responsible service of alcohol. Direct contact details for the lecturer will be supplied for follow-up queries. In addition, as part of the service provided by The Learning Curve Institute, learners are encouraged to contact the Learning Curve Institute should issues or questions concerning the course content arise in the future.

Learning Outcomes


  • To raise awareness among participants of the basic laws and responsibilities required as servers of alcohol. 
  • To build on and expand existing knowledge, in relation to the responsible service of alcohol within the group. 
  • To understand the impact that alcohol can have on the body. 
  • To enhance customer experience in your premises. 
  • To become familiar with the laws and licensing agreements in Ireland in relation to the service of alcohol.


Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements to attend the Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Workshop.



Other Information

The Learning Curve Institute operates a unique pre-training questionnaire to every participant. This allows our trainers to gauge the current level of knowledge of the attendee's and also enables the trainers to develop and deliver a tailored course offering that meets the specific requirements of the group.

The Learning Curve Institute also offers a unique post course support system whereby students are provided with the contact details of the lecturer and are free to contact him/her with any questions they may have.


Students should bring a pen and something to take notes on. No books are needed as all materials will be supplied by The Learning Curve Institute.

Contact Details

Please contact or call our office on 098 25530. Alternatively message us through facebook by clicking here.

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