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Course Details

Duration : 1 or 2 days

Meet our lecturers

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Report writing and retention of materials  is an essential  requirement of any professionals training pack.

This training programme is designed to upskill workers in reporting within any agency. 


Programme Duration

1 or 2 days depending on client need.

Programme certification


Certificate of Attendance in “Report Writing and Retention of Materials” from The Learning Curve Institute.


Programme Aims


The aim of the workshop is to provide an overview of report writing. 


Programme Content


Key areas that will be addressed include:


  • The purpose of a report
  • Gathering and organising information
  • Structuring a report for different audiences
  • The use of language and jargon 



Learning Outcomes


  • To equip students with the tools to be enable them to plan a report.
  • To build on and expand existing knowledge in relation to reporting within the group.
  • To enhance confidence in participants report writing skills.
  • To become familiar with the Principles of reporting.
  •  To provide space and time for the team to become familiar with the systems of reporting.


Entry Requirements




Other Information


The Learning Curve Institute offers a bespoke post course support system whereby students are provided with the contact details of the lecturer and are free to contact him/her with any questions they may have or that they would like the lecturer to help them with.



All materials are provided by The Learning Curve Institute. 

Contact Details

Please contact The Learning Curve Institute on 098 25530 or for more information.

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