Remote Learning: Complex Trauma Workshop

Presented online by Kevin Fehin, Senior Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Among other qualifications he holds a Masters in Psychoanalytic Studies.

This workshop will explore how developmental trauma may manifest in adult presentations and provide appropriate interventions to engage with complex trauma.  This workshop is open to individuals. The training can also be delivered as in-house training to groups of employees.

This workshop will be delivered live on Zoom: The course will allow you to interact with your trainer and other participants in a virtual classroom where, in addition to the workshop content, there will be time built in for live discussions, question & answer sessions and skills practice. You can access the course wherever you have an internet connection; on a desktop, tablet or even a smartphone.

Suitable for those working in psychology, psychotherapy or counselling.

This workshop is eligible for Learning Credits/CPD points from The Psychological Society of Ireland and The Addiction Counsellors of Ireland.


“I just loved it all, so interesting. Trainer was brilliant in his unique explanation of complicated subject matter. I learned so much.” 

Cathal Mc Weeney, Galway City Counselling

March 2021


"I was really impressed by Kevin’s knowledge of complex trauma and felt inspired after the session. I thought his reference to shame in Irish culture was particularly interesting. Great content on slides with additional information that was really useful. Remote teaching worked well." 

Dr. Gwen Gleeson, Clinical Psychologist, Irish Prison Service

February 2021

Programme Duration

One day online workshop.

Programme Aims

The aim of the training is to assist practitioners in identifying signs and symptoms of complex trauma and how it has been appropriated by the adult personality. The workshop will also focus on the hidden aspects of trauma that nonetheless exert influence over the personality. Finally the workshop will address the key therapeutic issues involved in complex trauma such as trust, safety, avoidance, shame and regression, together with the most effective therapeutic strategies for developing a specific therapeutic relationship tailored to the presentation of complex trauma.

Programme Content

  • Types of developmental trauma
  • The chronic effect of trauma on development 
  • The adult manifestation of childhood trauma 
  • Interventions

Participants will receive an emailed copy of the presentation, other supporting documents and links to relevant literature by email which will enable them to develop their understanding of Complex Trauma appropriate to this level.

Learning Outcomes

It is hoped that participants will gain:

  • An awareness of the dynamics of complex trauma
  • An ability to observe it’s often non-verbal and hidden qualities
  • An ability to navigate defences in relation to trauma
  • An ability to create an atmosphere of safety, promote trust and the specific conditions necessary for engaging with trauma 

Connect with Your Trainer

Where appropriate, The Learning Curve Institute will also distribute a unique pre-course questionnaire to each attendee in order to ensure the training meets the needs of everyone and is tailored to a suitable level while also covering specific situations or scenarios as highlighted by the group.

The Learning Curve Institute also offers a bespoke post course support system whereby participants are provided with the contact details of the trainer and are free to contact them with any questions they may have.

Programme Certification

Participants will receive a certificate of completion from The Learning Curve Institute on 'Complex Trauma'.