Online Anytime: Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

This six week course will cover a range of areas to provide participants with a good basic knowledge of drugs and alcohol and related issues. The Course is composed of six modules:

  1. What are drugs and how do they work?
  2. Cannabis
  3. Stimulants, Depressants and Sedatives, Opiates, Hallucinogens, NPS, Withdrawal and Tolerance
  4. Alcohol
  5. Family and Addiction
  6. Models of treatment

One module will be covered each week. Participants on this course will be provided the opportunity to learn about different types of drugs and their effects.  The programme will also explore the areas of Tolerance, Dependance and Withdrawal.  Cannabis and alcohol have a module each in this course to reflect their prevalence in society. The impact of addiction on family members is explored as well as treatment options for a person with a substance misuse issue. At the end of each module there is a quiz to evaluate the understanding of the material as you progress through the individual topics. There is a forum open to students to pose questions to trainers throughout the course and there is the offer of an interactive session with trainers on the course each Saturday morning for one hour throughout the duration of the course.

Start date to be announced shortly or enquire by email: