Trauma Informed Practice

The purpose of this training is to start a conversation about how trauma and adversity affects and has affected those who use the services we provide and the appropriate responses we can implement and offer; to reflect on how others’ trauma experiences may affect those of us providing services – vicarious trauma and; to examine how we, as professionals, volunteers and peer workers, can embrace a trauma informed approach, including self-care, within our practice.

Members of The Psychological Society of Ireland and The Addiction Counsellors of Ireland can receive learning credits/CPD points for completing this workshop.

Programme Duration

One day.

Programme Aims

  • To name and explore the connections between alcohol/drug use and trauma.
  • To examine what we already know about these links
  • To examine the challenge of trauma and why there is a relative silence and discomfort about this issue in addiction (and generic) services
  • To begin to arm ourselves with approaches assisting how we might respond as trauma-informed practitioners - both in practical terms and in terms of encouraging agency responses, bearing in mind that trauma informed training requires a longer process than one day.

Programme Content

Introduction & Focus  

Addiction and Trauma 

Trauma Informed Care & Trauma Informed Principles 

Conversation about language, counselling models and Practice 

Vicarious Trauma, Self-care and Post-traumatic Growth and Resilience

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased understanding of Trauma
  • Increased understanding of relationship between trauma and addiction 
  • Greater awareness of presence of trauma in participant's workplace
  • Better self-care awareness

Connect with Your Trainer

The Learning Curve Institute offers a unique post course support system whereby participants are provided with the contact details of the trainer and are free to contact him/her with any questions they may have. 

People like what we do

"Great experience and thoroughly informative, group discussion very useful when discussing systemic trauma informed practice in particular.  Tutor excellent". 

Grace Power, February 2019

Programme Certification

Certificate in Trauma informed Practice from The Learning Curve Institute.