The Learning Curve - Frequently asked questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you don't find the answer you are looking for please contact us.

Where is The Learning Curve Institute located?

The Learning Curve Institute’s Head Office is located in Westport, Co. Mayo but it delivers courses out of various Education centres and Institutes of Technology (ITs) around Ireland.

Can I participate in a course even though I work full time?

Yes, absolutely. Almost all of the courses, programmes and workshops run by The Learning Curve Institute are delivered on a part time basis. We endeavour to present classes and course material at times that will cause our learners the least amount of inconvenience possible.

Are the courses accredited?

Yes, The Learning Curve Institute is a registered QQI provider and we offer a range of QQI accredited, internationally recognised courses and programmes. All QQI courses run at The Learning Curve Institute are statutory qualifications which are National Certificates and are accredited by the QQI. Our workshops and in house training courses are self-accredited and not part of the QQI system.

How do I book on to a course / workshop?

A completed online application form and minimum payment of a €€200 non refundable deposit (for QQI courses) and non-refundable workshop fee is required for all bookings. You can also book on to a course by clicking on the Book Now tab of the menu on the website and paying the course fees in full or the deposit using a credit or debit card. 

Is there a discount for the unemployed?

Yes. A discount of 10% off the course fee is available to anyone who is in receipt of job seekers allowance and is paying for the course themselves. This 10% discount does not apply if you are being funded to attend the course by FAS or another funding body or organization.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. A two step payment plan is available for all QQI courses:

  • €€200.00 deposit to secure your place on the course.
  • €The balance of course fee must be paid in advance of the course start date. 
Workshop fees must be paid in full at time of booking and are non-refundable. Please check our Terms and Conditions for full booking conditions. 

What happens if a course is cancelled?

If a course or workshop is cancelled by The Learning Curve Institute you will be reimbursed all course fees you have paid including the deposit. You can also opt to put your payment towards another course or you can defer your booking until the next round of courses start.


What happens I need to cancel my booking?

Please check our terms and conditions on the website for full details with regards to cancelling your booking. Please contact our office on 098 25530 if you need any further clarification. 


What happens if I am being funded to attend the course?

If your funding body has paid all course fees in full before the course begins no security deposit is required. However if your funding body is paying on completion of your course (for example Dept of Social Protection/FAS etc) a security deposit of €200.00 is required and must be paid once funding is confirmed. Please note once you have started the course, you the student are liable for all outstanding course fees even if you do not complete the course. This is clearly stated in our terms and conditions which must be signed up to before starting any course.


Does it matter that I haven't done my Leaving Cert?

In general no. Each QQI course has its own preferred entry requirements and these usually do contain a Leaving Cert. However, as long as you have relevant life and/or work experience in the subject you are choosing to study then it does not matter that you have not done a Leaving cert or other study. As an adult learner it would be your responsibility to read through the course outline and ensure you feel you are ready to attempt it.

What do I do if I can't get the projects in on time?

If, for whatever reason, you cannot meet the project submission deadlines outlined by your lecturer you can apply for an extension of 1 week by requesting it with your lecturer or emailing our office directly. We fully understand that things come up in life and we allow every opportunity for learners to complete their projects. If a major issue occurs you can opt to extend the submission of your projects/assignments by 2 months. You must put your request in writing (by email) to our head office and complete an extension request form. In general with a 2 month extension the student will not go through to the original QQI certifcation period and will be submitted on the certication period after that.  

I've done one of your QQI courses. What can I do next?

All of our QQI courses are called "Minor Awards" or "Component Certificates". This means they are essentially one module of a Major Award. Every component certificate is linked to another Major Award. For example, the QQI Level 5 Community Addiction Studies course is a component or module of the Level 5 Major Award in Community Development or Level 5 Major Ward in Youthwork.  Through the QQI Common Awards System you could go on and do 7 other Minor Awards or Component certificates at QQI Level 5 to achieve the Major Award in Community Development or Youthwork. You can do these other modules at a time that is suitable for you and with other providers. 

Can I book on to more than one course or workshop at once?

Yes, you can book on to as many courses or programmes that you wish as long as they do not coincide with one another.

Do I have to attend all classes in order to get the certificate?

Students of The Learning Curve Institute are required to attend at least 80% of the course in order to be eligible for assessment and certificates of completion. If you have to miss more than this amount you can explain the reasons for this by email or in writing and you will then be given an exercise by the lecturer to ensure you have covered the relevant material. For our 1 and 2 day workshops students will receive a certificate of attendance issued by The Learning Curve Institute.  

How do I get in contact with the lecturers/programme tutors?

All students of the Learning Curve Institute will be contacted directly by the programme tutor or head of the department before the course begins. The Learning Curve Institute also offers a unique post course support system whereby students are provided with the contact details of the lecturer and are free to contact him/her with any questions they may have or even documents that they would like the lecturer to help them with during and after the course has finished.

Do I need to buy any books or materials for the courses?

This depends entirely on the course. For the workshops no materials whatsoever are necessary as everything will be supplied by The Learning Curve Institute. For longer courses, once you have registered as a student of The Learning Curve Institute you will be supplied with access to the student portal on the website which will give you a list of recommended reading and other resources.

Is there an age limit or other entry requirements for the courses?

This depends on the course. Once you click on any course on the website you will be presented with detailed course information which will specify whatever entry requirements there may be.

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