Promoting your Team’s Professional Development using a Solution Focused Brief Therapy approach

Solution Focused Brief Therapy can help people achieve their potential. It promotes a strengths based way of interacting which focuses on the positives.  This training provides useful tools to help motivate team members and improve staff morale.  The programme is particularly useful for managers responsible for professional development, staff appraisals and wellbeing initiatives. The techniques are used widely in coaching.

This two day training is ideal for any person involved in underpinning, strengthening and improving current work efficacy. The programme will provide the space and time for participants to become familiar with SFBT and the use of its core skills. The programme can be delivered live on Zoom.

“I can honestly say it is a wonderful course with immediate beneficial applications. The course provided me with reassurance and reinforcement of my belief and preferred direction of working with clients while providing new guides of direction and technique that can be applied and adapted as situation requires. Seán Foy does an excellent job at sharing information in an easy to learn method with opportunity to follow up on more information to compliment. Overall I’m delighted and would highly recommend this course to others.”

Gráinne McGovern, Person in Charge, Brook House, Stepping Stones Residential Care

March 2021

What the training will cover

This training provides an overview of the techniques used in Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and explains how this approach can help people achieve their full potential. SFBT is a short-term goal-focused therapeutic approach, which helps people and teams change by constructing solutions rather than focusing on problems.  This in turn assists in managing and motivating both the individual and teams in achieving their own organisational and personal goals.  The approach allows both the person or group to focus on the successes which exist and to build on these.

  1. Attendees will become familiar with the theory of Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  2. Participants will be given the space and time to become familiar with Solution Focused Brief Therapy and use of its core skills.
  3. Their confidence will be enhanced in the use of Solution Focused Brief Therapy techniques.
  4. Participants will be provided with the tools to develop and build on their own skills by interacting/intervening in a SFBT way.

What is involved

The methodology used in this training will be a combination of the following:

  1. Participants will be asked to contribute to the training both in the large group and also in smaller groups. There will be a number of exercises throughout the training that are designed for the group to be split up into smaller groups.
  2. The training will allow participants to contribute by using examples of anonymous people that they have worked with or are currently working with.
  3. The programme will incorporate some role plays that will encourage participants to put the theory of SFBT into practice.
  4. There will be handouts and information on relevant reading that will be distributed at each days training.
  5. The training will be flexible to the needs of the group. Individual scenarios and experiences will be accommodated and included.

Tailoring the training content

As all of our training is bespoke, we will consult you prior to delivery. A review of current practice within your organisation is offered and we will build a programme which meets any identified needs.

The Learning Curve Institute also offers a bespoke post-course support system whereby participants are provided with the contact details of the trainer and can contact them with questions they may have at any point subsequent to the training day.