Equality and Diversity - creating a more positive and tolerant work place

It is widely accepted that working in an organisation that is flexible, tolerant and open will increase enthusiasm and personal job satisfaction across the board.

This one day training workshop will explore the area of equality and diversity and ways of dealing with this issue in this workplace. It will allow time and space for participants to reflect on these areas and how they affect both their personal and professional lives. The aim of this training workshop is to give participants the opportunity to gain knowledge, adopt attitudes, develop their skills and change behaviours in relation to equality and diversity. The programme can be delivered live on Zoom.

What the training will cover

The workshop aims to:

Raise awareness of organisational and individual responsibilities in relation to equality

Identify issues associated with equality and those experiencing inequality

Communicate required standards of behaviour

Provide an overview of relevant legislation

Identify and address inequalities in systems, procedures and practices

Develop the necessary skills and behaviours to promote and realise equality

Increase confidence and capacity to deal with equality issues

Increase cultural awareness in order to increase workplace effectiveness

Increase awareness in relation to a person’s rights

How these skills and approaches could help at work

Over the training, participants will have the opportunity to discuss and explore issues relating to equality, diversity and people’s rights. Participants will be encouraged to reflect and question their own belief systems. There will be the opportunity to allow participants to experience “real” situations and scenarios to transfer the theory of the course into practice.  Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and reflect issues relating to Equality and Diversity and will be provided with best practice guidelines in this area.

What is involved

The participants will be asked to contribute to the training both in groupwork and individual contributions.

Attendees will be invited to share any personal and professional examples that they have encountered.

The training will incorporate some role-plays that will encourage participants to put what they have learned in the workshop into practice.

Handouts and information on relevant reading will be distributed at the training.

The trainer will be flexible to the needs of the group and will respond accordingly.

Tailoring the training content

As all of our training is bespoke, we will consult you prior to delivery. A review of current practice within your organisation is offered and we will work with you to build a programme which meets any identified needs.

The Learning Curve Institute also offers a bespoke post-course support system whereby participants are provided with the contact details of the trainer and can contact them with questions they may have at any point subsequent to the training day.