Conflict Management and Challenging Behaviour

This one day training programme will explore the area of conflict and challenging behaviour as it arises with employees/colleagues and ways of dealing with this issue. There will be “real” scenarios taken from the group and then worked on using the skills and principles of Dealing with Conflict and Challenging Behaviour. 

What the training will cover

This programme will:

Explore the nature of conflict and help to identify triggers to possible conflict

Generate an awareness of the many forms of conflict that exist

Allow time and space for participants to practice de-escalation tools

Give a safe space to discuss “real scenarios” which the participants have dealt with in the past

Increase knowledge in relation to dealing with conflict and challenging behaviour and introduce  practical responses

Anger management is an essential part of any professional's training pack. This training programme introduces workers to the concept of anger management and offers practical ways of dealing with it

There will also be an element of self-care covered in the programme

How these skills and approaches could help at work

Participants will have the opportunity to observe and practice dealing with conflict through role-plays and scenarios provided by the trainer. There will be the opportunity during the training to allow participants to experience “real” situations and scenarios to transfer the theory of the course into practice in relation to Conflict Management and Dealing with Challenging Behaviour. Participants will receive handouts and relevant literature to enable them to develop their understanding of Conflict Management and Challenging Behaviour appropriate to this level.

What is involved

The methodology used in this training will be a combination of the following:

The participants will be asked to contribute to the training both in groupwork and individual contributions.

The training will allow participants to contribute by using examples of situations that they have encountered or are currently encountering in relation to conflict management.

The programme will allow some experiential learning that will encourage participants to put what they have learned in the workshop into practice.

There will be handouts and information on relevant reading distributed to participants.

The trainer will be flexible to the needs of the group and will respond accordingly.

Tailoring the training content

As all of our training is bespoke, we will consult you prior to delivery. A review of current practice within your organisation is offered and we will aim to build a programme which meets any identified needs.

The Learning Curve Institute also offers a bespoke post-course support system whereby participants are provided with the contact details of the trainer and can contact them with questions they may have at any point subsequent to the training day.