Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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Course Details

Price : €225.00

Duration : 2 days

Meet our lecturers

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"Great mix of people, tutor was very relaxed, engaging and willing to answer all questions, very knowledgable" - Deirdre. Dublin, November 2016


"Two days of experiential learning with a great tutor" - Jane. Dublin, 2016

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is a therapeutic approach which can influence problematic and dysfunctional cognitions, behaviour and emotions by using a goal-oriented, systematic procedure conducted through individual weekly sessions.

It is based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviours, not external things, like people, situations, and events.  The benefit of this fact is that we can change the way we think to feel / act better even if the situation does not change.

This workshop is eligible for CPD points from An Bord Altranais (The Irish Nursing Board), The Psychological Society of Ireland and The Addiction Counsellors of Ireland.

  • Workshop Fee - €225.00

This course is aimed at anyone who has an interest in CBT and may also be of particular use to those currently working in the addiction, counselling, mental health or community/voluntary sector.

The programme is also beneficial to organisations where Stress and Anxiety may be an issue. 

Programme Duration

The Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) workshop takes place over 2 full days. This CBT course can also be offered in-house to organisations over 1 or 2 days depending on the level required.

Programme certification

Certificate of Attendance in “An Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - CBT” from The Learning Curve Institute.

Programme Aims

The aim of this two day workshop is to provide an overview of CBT and the space to practice the skills associated with this approach.

There will be “real” scenarios taken from the group and then worked on using the skills and principles of CBT, this is done to enhance the learning experience and to make the connection between the theory and practice of CBT.

Programme Content

The methodology used in this training will be a combination of the following:

Participative: The participants will be asked to contribute to the training both in the large group and also in smaller ones. There will be a number of exercises throughout the training that are designed for the group to be split up into smaller groups.

Experiential: The training will allow participants to contribute by using examples of anonymous clients that they have worked with or are currently working with.

Theory into practice: The training will allow some role plays that will encourage participants to put the theory into practice.

Information giving: There will be handouts and information on relevant reading that will be distributed at each days training.

Worker led: The training will be flexible to the needs of the group.

Learning Outcomes

  • To equip students with the tools to be enable them to develop and build on their own CBT skills.
  • To build on and expand existing knowledge in relation to CBT within the group.
  • To enhance confidence in participants use of CBT.
  • To provide space and time for participants to become familiar with CBT and allowing time to explore the skills associated with the approach through role play of “real clients” taken from the group
  • To become familiar with the theory of CBT.

Entry Requirements

No specific entry requirements.



Other Information

The Learning Curve Institute will distribute a unique pre-course questionnaire to each participant in order to ensure the training meets the needs of everyone in the room and is tailored to the appropriate level while also covering specific situations or scenarios as highlighted by the group.

The Learning Curve Institute also offers a bespoke post course support system whereby students are provided with the contact details of the lecturer and are free to contact him/her with any questions they may have or that they would like the lecturer to help them with.


All materials are provided by The Learning Curve Institute. 

Contact Details

Please contact The Learning Curve Institute on 098 25530 or for more information.


To book a place on this workshop please click on the Book Now tab of this website and book online with a debit or credit card. The course fees must be paid in full a minimum of 1 week prior to course start date. Places are subject to availability. The workshop fee is non-refundable. Please check our terms and conditions for full details. 

If a student is in reciept of funding please click on the Book Now button and complete an application with the relevant funding details and an invoice will be issued to the organisation. The organisation must confirm receipt of the invoice and paid within 14 days of being issued. 

 ***€2 euro from every booking is donated directly to Barretstown and The Children's Medical and Research Foundation***


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