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The Learning Curve Institute's call for a new approach has featured on many news stations and papers over the last 3 days including The Irish Examiner and The India Times: Irish Examiner & India Times

Interim National Drugs Strategy - 2009 to 2016 - link

Rise in Self harm by young drug users - link

Links to Drugs Taskforces, community groups and government departments dealing with drug issues. Includes EU. link

2011 Irish report to European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction from the HRB – big report with lots of data covering 2006-2010. Has a lot of info on drug use and treatment options as well as an overview of government policy re: drugslink

Trends in treated problem drug use in Ireland. 2005 - 2010. Document from the Health Research Boardlink

Lessons on the Swiss Experience regarding their Heroin Prescription Programme and their broader drugs policy - link

Summary of the key policies and practices regarding Heroin Prescription Programmes globally - link

Research on the Impact of the Heroin Prescription Programme in Switzerland - link

The Good Behaviour Game and the future of prevention and treatment. Kellam S.G., Mackenzie A.C.L., Brown H.C. Addiction Acience and Clinical Practice: July 2011, p.73-84  link

2011 report on the state of the drugs problem in Europe. European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction - link

Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health 2011. World Health Organisation.The report presents a comprehensive perspective on the global, regional and countryconsumption of alcohol, patterns of drinking, health consequenced and polcisy responses in Member

Call for minimum pricing of alcohol in Ireland - link

Irish research shows that 80% of people surveyed said that alcohol has a negative effect on someone they know - link

Heroin usage on the rise in County Clare - link

More drivers caught using drugs - link

Irish research shows that 80% of people surveyed said that alcohol has a negative effect on someone they know - link

Heroin usage on the rise in County Clare - link

Harm Reduction & Low Threshold Services - Excellent resource document developed by Depaul Ireland for staff and volunteers about harm deduction and low threshold practices. - link

National Documentation Centre on Drug Use - excellent site with a ton of resources on issues of drug use including all questions asked in the Dail as well as current research. link

Fact Sheets from the NDCDU on drug situation in Ireland - link

Written answers on National Drugs Strategy. Dail Eireann Jan 17 2012 - link

Supervised Drugs Injecting Centre in Dublin - Anna Liffey Drugs Project in Dublin has plans for a supervised drugs injecting centre - link

Law Reform Commission published consultation paper on mandatory drugs sentences. One of its key recommendations is that current minimum sentence law for drugs offences be reviewed as it has led to a bulge in prison populations without any major impact on those at the top of the drugs industry. link

Young People and Drugs Policy - Youth Rise [an international youth led organisation focusing on drugs policy and harm reduction] have just published 4 working papers on criminalisation & law enforcement; harm reduction & young people; participation of young people who use drugs; human rights, drug policy and young people who use drugs - link 

Legal Status of Cannabis for Personal use in European Countries - link

Report on the misuse of alcohol and other drugs. 2012.  Houses of the Oireachtas. Joint Committee on Health & Children. This report  sets the view of the stakeholders and the committee in the context of an examination of data and research relating to the prevalence of alcohol and drug misuse in Ireland. It provides statistics of substance misuse in the general population as well as in high risk groups. The report is divided into four parts:i. drug misuse and high risk groups;ii. misuse of alcohol;iii. alcohol related harm; social and economic consequences; and iv. interventions to tackle alcohol and drug misuse. link

Books on Addiction

Rethinking Substance Abuse, what the science shows and what we should do about it by Miller and Carroll. 2006. This book provides a new understanding of how scientific principles can be utilized in addressing common human issues associated with addictions

Drug War Politics - The Price of Denial by Eva Bertram et al. University of California Press, 1996. A very good book which looks at the various models that have been used around the globe in relation to Drug Policy, the book recommends the Public Health Model as being the most desirable.

Peaceful Measures - Canada's Way Out of the War on Drugs by Bruce Alexander. University of Toronto Press, 1993, 1997.
This book looks at the history and current drug policy in Canada. The book suggests specific policy changes that the author believes will decrease the war on drugs.

Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It: A Judicial Indictment of the War on Drugs by Judge James P. Gray. 2001
A good book that casts a critical eye over the current policy and practice of drug laws and their effectiveness.

Heroin Century by Tom Carnwath and Ian Smith. Routledge, London and New York. 2002.
This book looks at the social, criminal and health issues around heroin, it also comments on the policy debate and makes some recommendations around possible ways of dealing with the heroin issue.

Harm Reduction: A new direction for drug policies and programs, edited by Patricia Erickson etc. University of Toronto Press, 1997.
A collection of academic papers, all specifically looking at the issue of  Harm Reduction issues within Canada

Harm Reduction: Pragmatic Strategies for Managing High Risk Behaviors, by A. Marlatt. Guilford Press, 1998.
An excellent book which explores harm reduction principles and strategies and also makes some insightful comments on the policy debate.

Chocolate to Morphine by Andrew Weil. Houghton Mifflin Co., updated in 1998.
Interesting book that looks at a variety of different drugs from a harm reduction perspective.

Changing for Good by Prochaska, Norcross, and DiClemente
The authors describe the stages of change and what can be done at each stage before moving on to the next.

How to control your drinking by William R. Miller, Ph.D., and Ricardo F. Munoz, Ph.D. (1990)
University of New Mexico Press, Revised edition "Many professionals in the alcohol field now accept that moderation is a reasonable and responsible goal for some (though certainly not all) people seeking to control their use of alcohol and to avoid developing more serious drinking problems. We have found that early stage problem drinkers can be quite successful in learning moderation. In six separate treatment outcome studies conducted over the past eight years we have found consistent success rates of 60 to 70 percent for such early problem drinkers using the methods described in this book." (from preface to revised edition).

The truth about addiction and recovery by Stanton Peele, Ph.D., Archie Brodsky, and Mary Arnold (1991) Simon & Schuster.
The authors challenge traditional models of addiction, and offer alternative solutions. Their Life Process Program for change, which emphasizes natural recovery and living by a set of values that run counter to addiction, will help you aim for and accomplish worthwhile life goals.

Addiction, Change and Choice The New View of Alcoholism by Vince Fox, M.Ed. (1993) See Sharp Press 
An insightful, scholarly, and open-minded look at the forces of change occurring in the field of addictions. Vince Fox provides an insider's look at many of the new "independents," self-help groups that have evolved since AA (MM was in its infancy, and only briefly mentioned). If you are searching for the "right" support group that best fits your beliefs and recovery goals, this is the book to read

When AA doesn't work for you
by Albert Ellis and Velton.
From the founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, an approach based on challenging your thoughts and beliefs. Insightful for those who choose abstinence or moderation.

Problem Drinkers: Guided Self-Change Treatment by Mark B. Sobell, Ph.D., and Linda C. Sobell, Ph.D. ?(1993) The Guilford Press.
For professional therapists and counselors, this clinical guide offers a state-of-the-art brief motivational treatment approach for problem drinkers. Drs. Mark and Linda Sobell provide detailed instructions for the initial assessment and four treatment sessions of this integrated program. The book comes with handouts that can be photocopied and used with clients.

Controlled Drinking by Nick Heather, Ph.D., and Ian Robertson, Ph.D. (1983) Methuen, Revised edition.
One of the first reviews of the available literature on controlled drinking. This book looks at treatments,  origins, methods, and outcome studies.




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